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How to get Pax Twisted Fate Skin code for free !

Pax Twisted Fate skin is a extremely rare. Released in 2009, this skin is definetly the rarest and the most expensive one. You can purchase a Pax Twisted Fate skin 100 to 500$ on ebay and such but there’s always a chance the code won’t work.

The Pax Twisted Fate skins features him in a black suit with some blue borders.

Free Twisted fate skin code - ingame preview

As you can see, the movel has been revamped and the skin looks amazing.

So you’re probably wonder “But how can i get the Pax Twisted Fate skin code?“. Well, you’re two steps away from having your exclusive skin! If you browsed around our website you probably know by now that we have a partnership with a local skin seller. We get discounted prices and we’re able to buy the skins with money from our advertisers. Unfortunately even his stocks are limited, but we try very hard to have at least 50 codes available everytime.


All you have to do now is press the download button and get your Free Twisted Fate skin code.

Current amount of skin codes: 44

Free Pax Twisted fate skin code

We hope you enjoy your Pax Twisted fate as much as we do and we invite you to check out our League of Legends Maphack.

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