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Free Riot Points generator and Skin Codes!With video proof [RP Generator ]

rp-skin-codes-generatorDid you always wanted to know how people get exclusive skin codes or huge amounts of free Riot Points?

We got the answer!

Below you can download an exclusive, just released hack that is able to generate a great number of skin codes: Riot Nasus,Pax Sivir,Pax Jax,Riot Singed and also it can generate 5$ RP Cards codes which work on all regions, including Taiwan,Korea,Brasil,Europe and North America!There’s a chance that the generated code might have been generated for 2 persons, you should try again!The RiotPoints Generator Hack is completely undetectable!

Our RiotPoints Generator uses a special algorithm that has been adapted to work in javascript,all you have to do is open index.html and generate how many free riot points codes you want, Javascript can’t carry viruses and can’t hurt your PC.

VirusTotal SCAN HERE.



-New RiotPoints generator functions updated to work in the Vi patch.
-Riot Singed codes algorithm was broken,fixed.
-Pax Twisted fate is now in beta, will be ready in a few weeks.
-Pax Sivir works more smoothly.


Video PROOF here.


  1. steliqn1324

    its cool

  2. give me 90000rp please

  3. zhiheng


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