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League of Legends Maphack – LoL Hack 2016


league of legends maphack

  • League of legends cheats ready to download!
  • Are you tired of losing because of the feeders on your team?
  • Do you want to get high-ratings but you keep losing because your of team mates?
  • Your team is always flaming and losing you games?

It seems like you need some help to get to your true elo !  Finding vulnerabilities in the game in order to create lol hacks is actually pretty difficult. Difficult doesn’t mean impossible! One of the most requested hack for league of legends is the map hack . While it doesn’t give you godmode, infinite hp or mana it can still help you win games! If you’re one of the players stuck in elohell or you’re getting trolled every match, this application was created to help you get to diamond rating.

  • How does it work?

This League of Legends maphack uses a glitch in the Spectate function in order to receive hidden information for you! You may ask what information… You know when you spectate anyone that you can see everything, hidden or not? This lol hack gets those information bypassing the 3 minutes delay and updates your client in order for you to see those hidden stuff.

  • What can you see?

Everything! From Teemo’s mushrooms to jungle creeps and akali in her shroud. You can see and kill wards and you’re able to see the enemy on your minimap the entire time! But that’s not all. There’s also a function that activated disables the Fog of war. This option gives you vision in brushes, ever walls and everywhere you want to!


  • Hotkeys / How to activate the maphack

After you download the league of legends map hack you have to unrar it. You can save it anywhere you want. You can start the application whenever you want, before or after the game. When you’re ingame use the following keys to activate or deactivate certain functions:

F1 – F2  almost the same functions as in the spectate. F1 grants normal map vision, F2 allow  you to see the entire minimap.(the maphack function)

F – this key toggles the fog of war on or off. ( This grants you vision in bushes and over stealthed units)

F4 - League of legends Zoomhack self explanatory. Control the zoom evel using + or - on your keyboard.

F5 - Toggle warning system. I didn’t say anything about this.It’s a pretty great feature. When activated, a Warning! message will popup on your screen whenever an enemy is nearby(in fog of war).


Click the download button to get the latest version of the the League of legends map hacks!

Last Update: March 2016.

league of legends maphack



V 1.2 Revision:

  1. Added zoomhack feature, working propely
  2. Fixed 2 crashes
  3. Fixed a bug that glitched the fog of war on certain gpus
  4. Fixed a bug that froze the game when the maphack was enabled.

V 1.1a Revision:

  1. Added new GUI ( thanks Michael ).
  2. Maphack function finally added! Have fun!
  3. Code cleanup
  4. Fixed 4 crashes

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