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League of Legends Bot – Map Hack, ZoomHack, Refferal bot and Skin hack!

Hello, it’s been so long since our last post!However it’s all worth it!

We bring to you know the latest addition to the League of Legends hacking tools! The LeagueOfLegends All-in-one Hacking tool!

What’s that?

Basically it’s a core software that supports a great range of features.The basic ones include the Map Hack, Zoom Hack and even Skin hack!Why is it a core software?Because scripts are developed everyday by skilled programmers to help you achieve what you want!

*Map hack- Track your enemies even through fog of war!

*Lol Refferal Bot – Create how many refferals you want!

*It works on all regions(EUW,EUNE,NA,BR,Turkish,Taiwanesse,Korean)

*LastHit bot – Never miss a creep again!

*Smite bot – Never miss a smite, steal any baron or dragon!

*Skin Hack- Use the long gone skins like Snow Bunny Nidalee, Definetly not Blitzcrank, Pax Twisted Fate, Pax Sivir, Pax Jax and any skin you can think of!

*Circle tips – See enemy autoattack range , creeps experience range or turret range!

*New scripts developed everyday!


But there’s more!Because the scripts are all open source, you can script or download scripts for your favourite champions!All you have to do is keep spacebar pressed up and your Ezreal will never miss a CS or a skillshot!

Click the button to download it!

[Note:In case the button doesn't work follow this link to get the hack]

Video Proof Here!

If the program doesn’t start, get Direct X Redist from here.

Download the missing DLL here and copy it to the folder.


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