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Free Championship Riven skin codes![Limited amount]

Hello guys.It’s been a while since our latest addition to the skin codes.We promised Pax Twisted Fate and Pax Jax, they will come soon.For now we present to you how to get Championship Riven codes. This skin was available only during the worlds final of the S2.The codes were issued ONLY at the live event in Los Angeles. Luckily we were able to snatch a few and we got the cards in our office!Please note that after you use the Championship Riven code you get the champion if you don’t have it and also the legacy icon of the Season 2 if you don’t have it!
Don’t waste time anymore.Click the download button to claim your skin code!But hurry up, it’s limited amount!

Codes still available: 26

Download Championship Riven free code!

[Note:In case the button doesn't work follow this link to get an available code]

[Note2:The code generated only works on one region!]

Riven is a melee DPS that I like playing as a Tanky DPS as opposed to a sort of glass cannon. The main reason being that yes,her abilities scale amazing with AD, it’s very easy for the other team to focus you down..and they will. And so, to counteract her lack of defense, i like building her masteries accordingly to help the early game, and buy defensive items to make you last longer in fights.The skin is actually one of the best.It includes changed particles and animation.The fact that you can no longer obtain it makes it even more awesome! Go on and surprise your enemy with the amazing Championship Riven skin right now!

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